Picture of the DeWitts radiator box

DeWitts Direct Fit Aluminum Radiator

It’s not often, but every once in a while a product you purchase exceeds your expectations. This article is a review of a DeWitts Direct Fit Aluminum Radiator that I purchased recently. I am happy to say that DeWitts exceeded my expectations. First off, I am not affiliated with DeWitts Radiator in any way, and […]

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Picture of a bright red 1939 AC 16-80 Competition Roadster

The Future of the Collector Car Hobby

A hot topic of conversation at all the collector car club meetings I have attended lately is the lack of young new members. I hear questions like, “Where are they? Why are they not interested? Are they too busy with their cell phones and social media to care?” “Maybe, in their eyes  it’s just not cool […]

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Picture of Jaguar XK8

Car collecting – observer or participant?

Stacks of car magazines neatly arranged on Richard’s coffee table are tell-tale signs of a man whose passion for cars is over the top. Classic Motorsports, Motor Trend, Hemmings Classic Car, Hot Rod, SCCA make up a full cadre of automobile magazines that are well-read and referred to on a regular basis. His passion goes […]

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Real MPG Program

Motor Trend Magazine teamed up with Emission Analytics and Chevron in order to accurately measure mileage under real world driving conditions. The project is called the Real MPG Program. It’s not as easy as you think to get accurate and repeatable mileage data. You can’t just drive around town, make a few passes down the […]

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Used Engine Oil Analysis – Test 2

In the first Oil Analysis article we tested an oil that had been in service for 15 months. During that time we racked up 8000 miles of spirited driving. If you haven’t read that article it can be found by clicking here. Please take a look at it as it explains how we go about […]

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Used Engine Oil Analysis

This article is about Used Engine Oil Analysis. The how to do it, where to send it, and what you can expect to learn are covered. We’ve all heard the claims of extended oil drain intervals from the major oil manufactures. Some claim 10,000 miles, 15,000 miles, and one manufacturer claims their oil is good […]

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Picture of Fuel Transfer Slot

Basic Holley Carb Rebuild – Part 2

This is part 2 of the Basic Holley Carb Rebuild. If you haven’t read part one yet, it can be found here. In this article I will cover the reassembly and initial set up of your Holley carb.   Now that your carb parts are clean and dry and you acquired the replacement items that […]

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Picture of Holley 9895 carb

Basic Holley Carb Rebuild

A friend is restoring a 1976 Corvette and he asked me to give the carburetor a once over before it went back on the engine. This carb has been laying around for a number of years collecting dirt so a basic cleaning, inspection, and gasket replacement is necessary. This article covers a general cleaning and […]

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Picture of a Direct Fuel Injector

Top Tier Gasoline

“Top Tier Gasoline” is a label given to gasoline that has passed specific tests for the prevention of intake valve and combustion chamber deposits, and fuel injector and intake valve sticking. Top Tier Gasoline is THE performance standard for retail gasoline. Top tier came about after a group of auto manufacturers lobbied the fuel suppliers […]

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